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Keep It Weird is a podcast about all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, spooky, gross, sticky, and all around weird! Going beyond ghosts, aliens, and true crime, Lauren & Ashley research the strange side of artificial intelligence, nature, human anatomy, religion, relationships & much more. (Music: Intro Tunes: Aurora Borealis by Jon Wright Outro Tunes: Mystical Music Box by Erick McNerney Artwork: Stephanie Weitekamp)
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Apr 19, 2024

Trigger Warnings: mental health disorders, death, incest

Hi Weirdos! Welcome back to KEEP IT WEIRD - the podcast for all things strange and unusual, creepy yet casual, funky n' fresh and always a little silly.  Every month we get together to talk about something WEIRD and this week is no exception.
Ashley & Lauren have a lot of STUFF to talk about this week.  Ancient stuff, creepy stuff,  'TOO MUCH' stuff.
Lauren starts us off with one of our sponsored segments ANCIENT ARTIFACTS (with Addie Rife!)  In it she teaches us about some 100 year old mermaid mummies out of Japan that researchers were able to X Ray to see what the heck was actually going on.  It turns out PT Barnum's Fiji mermaid was much older than we initially thought it was.  But why the heck were they frankenstein-ing these fish monkeys to begin with??
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Then Ashley brings us into a brand new segment AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL where we discuss stories out of American History that make you scream WHAT?!  Today we're learning about the lives of the Collyer Brothers, their infamous mansion in Manhattan, & their incredibly tragic deaths.  Known as America's First Hoarders, their home was in such horrific conditions that still to this day NYC police officers refer to dangerous hoarder homes & buildings to "Collyer's Mansions." 

Check out some links below for more information on today's topics.
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Fish Monkey, That Funky Monkey
ManHoarding in ManHattan
Apr 5, 2024
TW: child abuse, murder, sexual assault, poisoning, execution
Hi Weirdos! Welcome back to Keep It Weird, the podcast for all things strange & unusual! 
As with our last episode, there is no video for this episode WOMP WOMP our bad but have no fear!! Videos will be back in episode 3.  
THIS WEEK HOWEVER, Episode 2 of Season 8, we are getting pretty dark.  Usually we like to balance out the darkness with the light (as above, so below - praise Baphomet) but hey sometimes it doesn't work out that way.
Lauren is starting us out with a new segment called REALITY TV CORNER and is introducing us to some REALLY messed up reality tv shows that, not surprisingly, did not make it further than a season or two.  THE SWAN on Fox wherein "ugly" women were given full plastic surgery makeovers to win a chance to compete in a beauty pageant and KID NATION on CBS which should have just been called "Child Endangerment: The Series."
Then Ashley takes the lead to teach us about a man named Jolly who was not very Jolly at all.  Louis Joyland West has some of the clearest and most nefarious connections of ANY scientist to the CIA's top secret (now declassified) program MK ULTRA (1953-1973) and one event he is connected to is so horrific... so monstrous... and so suspicious that you will struggle to believe it.
Check out some links below if you want to do your OWN reading on the topics we discussed today.  
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Reality TV Corner
Jolly West/MK ULTRA
Mar 22, 2024
TW: death, overdose, missing persons, mental health, poisoning

Hi Weirdos!  Welcome to season 8 of Keep It Weird!! 

First off, lets just get the business end out of the way.  There is NO video for this episode.  We're taking it back to the old school.  NOT by choice, we recorded episode 1 and 2 last weekend and our video files did NOT make it out alive.  What, did you think this would go smoothly?  Did you think we could just JUMP BACK IN to the show we've been doing for over 7 years and things would just WORK OUT?  That's not the world we're living in, baby.  lol
That being said SEASON 8 is going to be full of strange and horrifying stories, hilarious and interesting guests and far more of ASHLEY & LAUREN than we ever imagined you guys would be into.
In this first episode, we're just dipping our toe & testing the waters.  We're updating you on what's been going on in our world, what we've done over hiatus, and our absolute favorite things that have happened in the last three months.
We discuss the missing Kate Middleton, the Miami Mall aliens in Florida, how sad we are to have missed Willy's Chocolate Experience in Glasgow and we even give a quick update on those men found dead in their friends backyard in Missouri.
We also wouldn't leave you hanging on the creep factor-- we close out the show with some creepy real life ghost stories sure to send a chill up your spine.
Mar 15, 2024

Keep It Weird brings you the strange and unusual every Friday!

We love the paranormal, supernatural and true crime, and you better believe we chat about it- but we also realized that every aspect of our lives here on Earth can get WEIRD!! We discuss sports, fashion, strange cities, our weird bodies, science, space, the ocean, and yes... even sex.

Let your freak flag fly.

Mar 15, 2024

Hi Weirdos!! 

Did ya miss us?!  We have officially been on hiatus since December of 2023 and it's time to dust off our denim and ge back in the saddle!

This is just a little treat for you as we prep for SEASON 8 of our show which will be starting VERY soon (like next week soon) 

A couple hundred of you have already heard these clips because you are OFFICIAL WEIRDOS FOR LIFE and are members of our patreon.  But for those of you who are NOT members of our patreon-- here is a sneak peek of what you've been missing this year!

We've had THREE RETURNING GUESTS: Tyler, Mike & Madi back on the show to tell us some of their personal spooky stories.  Lauren's parents came on the show!! What!! We talked about death and dying, crazy news stories, true crime, conspiracies, bad valentines, maggots on airplanes and so much more.

Hope you enjoy this little clip-isode and we hope it gets you pumped up for another season of strangeness :)


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Dec 22, 2023

I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just ONE thing I need and it's YULE!! 

HO HO HO Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule to ALL the wonderful weirdos of the world.  Here is your gift, it's our SEASON SEVEN FINALE! 
This episode is ALL about the reason for the season... which is apparently witchcraft.  Joining us for this end of the year party is our resident green witch LAURA LAREAU!! (@leaves_and_lore)  We're going to be discussing the story of the three wisemen (did you know they were PAGAN PRIESTS?!) modern Christmas traditions that had pagan origins and ways to make your holiday season a little more witchy.
We're also going to tell some Yuletide Ghost Stories, play FMK (F*ck, MERRY, Kill) with some of our favorite holiday movies & characters and we play a little bit of Christmas trivia to see who is the holly-jolliest of all.
We want to thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for still hanging with us after all these years.  We hope that we taught you a lot this year, made you laugh, creeped you out, gave you chills and brought you peace & joy.
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Take good care of yourselves, treat everyone you meet with kindness and always KEEP IT WEIRD.
Creepy Christmas Music by MYUU
Special thank you to all of our cohosts: Amy Hanselmann, Julia Firmand, Laura Lareau & Nyk Sutter-Downs.  And to our special guests this year Greg & Dana Newkirk, Joe Ochs, Billy Roach & Lindsey Brisbane
Dec 15, 2023

It’s a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day and we’re here to F*CK SH*T UP.

Welcome Weirdos to our last REGULAR episode of the season!  It’s time to get a little festive!

This week we have FOUR gruesome, creepy, mind-bending, strange stories for you to feast your ears (and eyes!) on.

Lauren starts us off with a beautiful vacation into a PARANORMAL PARADISE!  She teaches us about the legend of Hawaii’s MOST HAUNTED HOUSE- The Kaimuki House- and the (Japanese??) ghost (cat??) that lives inside it

Ashley swings us around to a CONSPIRACY THEORY that Human Beings could not have been originally FROM planet Earth and the proof of that lies in our wittle babies.  Humans are the only mammals on the planet that need YEARS to be able to care/fend for themselves… but why is that? Is it because this isn’t our planet?

Lauren comes back at us with a TRUE CRIME TIME that has a Christmas twist!  On December 25 1929 in Germantown, North Carolina Charles Davis “Charlie” Lawson murdered his wife and six of his seven children.  What on Earth could have driven him to do such a horrific act?

And finally, to lighten things up a bit, Ashley finishes off the episode with a new segment all about URBAN LEGENDS!  But not the ones we are familiar with here in the US— we’re traveling to Ukraine to investigate the mystery of the BLACK VOLGA and then hitting up South Korea to see if there’s anything behind their fear of electric fans.

Check out some links below if you want to learn more about today’s topics.


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Haunted Hawaiian House

Human Earth Baby

Christmas Horror Story


Sub-urban Legend


Dec 8, 2023

Hi Weirdos!  Welcome to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD— the podcast for all things strange & unusual!

Every week we get together to chat about all things WEIRD and this one is a bit of a doozy.

We only have TWO segments for you today as they are a little bit more hefty than our usuals but don’t worry, we’re packing the same punch.

Lauren goes first as she teaches us all about a 66 year old UNSOLVED MYSTERY known as THE BOY IN THE BOX! We learn about the discovery of the body, the autopsy reports, the investigation, the theories and where we are with the case today.

Ashley then heads into TERRIFYING TECHNOLOGY where we attempt to rank and review the technology present in episodes of Black Mirror.  From uploading your consciousness to bringing back the dead with AI to human yelp reviews to killer robo dogs.  We attempt to decide WHICH future tech is the worst case scenario and we look at a few technologies that actually exist or are being created today that seem to have been inspired by this horror sci fi show!

If you want to read more about the subjects discussed in today’s episode check out the links below!

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Boy in the Box


Terrifying Tech/Black Mirror



Dec 1, 2023


A new Titanic Conspiracy Theory is here, hot off the presses! Welcome to KEEP IT WEIRD, the podcast for all things strange & unusual and the BEST place to find fear and fun.
This week we've got FOUR strange segments for you starting off strong with a WHERE IN THE WORLD (Is Keep It Weird Going?!) Lauren is taking us to bright and sunny.... Connecticut?  Yep, that's what my notes say.  We're going to Connecticut to check out the world's only (??) CHRISTIAN theme park!  Theme park is... a bit of a stretch, admittedly, but HOLY LAND USA is an American landmark that should probably be torn down for safety reasons.  Built in the 50s and officially shut down in 1984 this abandoned death trap has been sitting on a hill in Waterbury for almost FOUR decades and you can learn all about it here.
Next up is ANCIENT ARTIFACTS with ADDIE RIFE!  Ashley is going to be teaching us all about an artifact from the 1800s that has seen more of the world than either of our two hosts.  If you guessed that the artifact was Napoleon Bonaparte's penis then you should play the lottery.  Find out where Napoleon's penis is and where it's been and what it looks like today! 
Lauren sings My Heart Will Go On with a CONSPIRACY THEORY all about our favorite boat.  And our favorite banker?  He's basically the only banker we know.  JP Morgan (of Real Housewives fame) MAY have been behind the sinking of this famous ship all in the name of greed.  Find out why "Titanic Truthers" believe this wild conspiracy.
And finally, Ashley sends us packing with a brand new segment CREEPY CLOWN WATCH!! Pretty self explanatory, we'll be learning all about a creepy killer clown from Chicago IL!  No not THAT creepy killer clown, a different one!   Charles "Conway the Clown" Cramer (and his wife Mary) for sure killed one woman, but may have killed more, in Chicago in the early 20th Century.  What came of the traveling circus couple after the murder(s)?  Listen to find out....
Check out some links below if you want to do more research on today's FASCINATING topics! 
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Your Move Holy Land (USA)
Napoleon's Member
Banker Busts Boat for Banknotes
Killer Clowns from Chicagoland
Nov 24, 2023

Well git on there little weirdo! 

Welcome to THE RANCH!! It's spacious!  It's cozy!  It's FULL OF MONSTERS?!

It's another week of KEEP IT WEIRD, the podcast for all things strange and unusual and this week we're home, home on the range! 

Lauren starts us off with some VERY COOL science news in a segment we like to call the MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!  The bus often takes us down someone's throat or up someone's butt but today we are fortunate enough that we're just traveling into a petri dish.  Scientists at the Weizmann Institute just announced that they've successfully GROWN A HUMAN EMBRYO!! In a lab!! What does this mean?  Can we grow humans now?  Are they real people?  Are they clones??  All your questions will be answered!

Ashley takes on her first WHERE IN THE WORLD (Is Keep It Weird Going?) and takes us to bright & sunny.... Arizona??  That's right, Rainbow Arizona to be exact, to check out the infamous STARDUST RANCH!  Where couple John and Joyce Edmonds lived for 20 long, hard years alongside aliens, ghosts, portals to other dimensions, and monsters that killed their pets.  Were they being abducted and experimented on?  Does Stardust Ranch contain portals to another world?  Who was the mysterious machete man?! Move over Skinwalker Ranch, there's another ranch in town.

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Just What is an Embryo Anyway?


Never Buy a Ranch


Nov 17, 2023

Well well well, guess who’s back on their BS Weirdos! 

We’re back and we’re very sorry for the brief hiatus- sometimes life just cocks it’s fist back and gives you a swift left hook to the jaw and knocks you on your ass and the thought of being silly (and especially talking about death) is inconceivable.  But we appreciate how lovely and forgiving you always are when we have to miss a week, especially when it is unexpected.

This week your girls have some GREAT segments for you starting off with a BRAND NEW SEGMENT called DON’T FEAR THE REAPER!! This week’s DFTR is all about how reincarnation is totally real– it has to be!  How else would you explain the life of Dorothy Eady??  Dorothy was born a normal girl in London in 1904 and everything was totally ordinary until the age of three on the day she DIED.  But don’t worry she came back…. Again?

Lauren follows it up with one of her favorite segments CURSED CROONERS AND SPOOKY SONGS and today the gals learn that they really didn’t know anything about the BUDDY HOLLY CURSE– but have no fear, you’ll learn it all here.  Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in February 3, 1959 while on tour along with musicians Ritchie Valle and “The Big Bopper” JP Richardson and if that wasn’t unlucky enough… death seemed to follow the other tour performers around.  Is it a curse?  Or were they all DESTINATIONED?!

Ashley follows CCASS with a PARANORMAL PARADISE about a house that bled?!  It’s true, in 1987 in Atlanta Georgia the home of William and Minnie Winston started to produce HUMAN blood… and no one could tell them why.

And finally, Lauren finishes off the episode with QUESTION QUESTION and the gals get a good laugh about what they would each be arrested for.

Check out some links BELOW if you want to read more about the stories told on today’s episode.


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Egyptian Priestess Returns


Buddy Holly & The Destination Curse

Atlanta Blood House

Oct 27, 2023


To celebrate our absolute favorite time of year we are coming at you with a classic.  It’s time to tell each other GHOST STORIES!!

All of the stories you are about to hear are REAL!  They happened to real people just like you; some of which are listeners, just like you!! So you never know when you’ll have a spooky tale of your own to submit…

This week we have ghosts, psychics, shared dreams, creepy polaroids, haunted dorm rooms, mysterious strangers, creepy omens and so much more.

So, light your protection candle, sprinkle some salt around you and cozy up under those blankets— it’s time to get scared.

WARNING: This episode features MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS that may be jarring to sensitive listeners.  We have uploaded a MUSIC & SOUND EFFECT FREE version of this episode to our Patreon at at no cost to you.  But, while you’re there, consider donating to our show!  Consider it our Halloween treat.

Oct 20, 2023

It's time for a graveyard smash, weirdos! 

Welcome to another creep-tastic episode of KEEP IT WEIRD- the podcast for all things strange, unusual and... classic?

This week we're taking a trip back in time to chat about UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS!! And.... one DC character, but we'll get to that.

Ashley & Lauren are joined once again by our monster expert BILLY ROACH as we take a look at who created these monsters and why.

Billy starts us off by covering FRANKENSTEIN; the fascinating details of how and where it was written by Mary Shelley, as well as the various film versions of the creature and movies and monsters that have been inspired by the stitched-together-man over the decades!

Ashley comes in with THE INVISIBLE MAN!  What were HG Well's inspirations for creating this man who couldn't be seen?  The amazing special effects that haven't been beated so far from a movie made in 1933, why Hollow Man is the best interpretation of this character in the 21st Century, and why The Invisible Man (2020) is actually NOT a good movie.

And finally, Lauren.  Poor Lauren, who was given the assignment of "Swamp Thing" because Ashley didn't know there was a difference between SWAMP THING and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  But guess what?  SHE KNOWS NOW!  Lauren dives into both the fish man AND the plant man in her segment-- teaching us the origins of Swamp Thing in DC Comics, the various past iterations of the monster on film and even some upcoming projects to look forward to featuring this man-plant.

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Oct 13, 2023

Are you feelin' lucky, punks?  

Welcome to KEEP IT WEIRD, the podcast for all things strange and unusual, and it's our very first (somehow?) FRIDAY THE 13TH SPECIAL!! 

To celebrate another glorious week in October we are bringing you a very UNLUCKY episode to celebrate this very UNLUCKY day and it gets better; today we are joined by one of your all time favorite guests: JOE OCHS!! 

That's right, HANDSOME JOE has returned and now you even get to see his face! (If you are watching on But never his eyes.  No... never his eyes.

This week we are trying to figure out who is the UNLUCKIEST PERSON IN HISTORY!  Whether they were struck by lightning, hit by a meteorite or living life like poor Jeanne Rogers who couldn't catch a break if she PAID for one... today we've got a little bit of it all.

Check out our list of UNLUCKY persons below and let us know who YOU think is the UNLUCKIEST person.

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Good luck out there.


1: Ann Hodges - Hit by a Meteorite

2: Henry Gunther - last soldier to die in WW1

3: Henry Ziegland - killed by bullet that was shot 20 years prior

4: Jeanne Rogers - where do I begin?  Struck by lightning, attacked by bat, humiliated at pool

5: Monica Seles - Tennis superstar stabbed in the back

6: Fran Selak - Croatian man who almost died 100 times

7: Costis Mitsokakis - Only man who didn't win the lottery

8: Erik Norrie - Florida Man that animals hate

9: Melanie Martinez - Lost all her homes to hurricanes

10: Pete Best - Was almost a Beatle

11: Jerome Moody - Drowned at a Lifeguard Party



Oct 6, 2023

Happy October my fiendish friends!!

Welcome to a special Halloween episode of KEEP IT WEIRD: The podcast for all things strange and unusual, haunted and harrowing and full of monsters and maniacs! 

This week is all about HAUNTED HOUSES!!  They've been around since, well... since we've started living in houses!  And that's because ghosts have been around since people started dying.  And demons may have been around even longer.

We have a VERY special guest on the show, LINDSEY BRISBINE!  Lindsey is the host and producer of THE CHILLING PODCAST: a serialized show that details the true events behind a real-life haunting that took place in Kent, Ohio.  It's full of first hand accounts of the supernatural as well as interviews with psychics, doctors, religious experts, psychologists and witnesses!

Lindsey joins Ashley & Lauren to discuss their haunted house experiences and their all time favorite haunted house MOVIES as well as a few that didn't quite hit the mark.  What haunted house movie is the CLOSEST to what it's actually like to live inside a haunted home?  Tune in to find out...



Sep 29, 2023

Hello Weirdos, Beardos & Teardos alike!

Welcome to our very first episode of THE WEIRD REPORT!  The WEIRD REPORT is going to be our new $10 bonus episode every month and it's an audio version of what used to be our Newsletter!

Each month we'll put out a Weird Report that features strange & unusual news stories, upcoming horror movie/tv/documentary/book announcements, true crime tales (& updates!) some random segments & every episode will end with some SCARY STORIES!! 

This week includes:


Texting with ICONIC Biblical Characters with Chat GPT

Space Capsule not Welcome Back to Earth

Trash Fashion

Krispy Kreme's Biggest Fans


Jung Yoo Jung Kills (& Kills her Curiosity)

REVISIT: Halloween Killer Lover's Triangle


Sep 22, 2023

Just try and padlock this toe, I DARE YOU!

Welcome weirdos to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD- your go-to podcast for all things strange and unusual and this week is FULL OF BONES! Literally. Well, not literally.

Lauren starts us off with some CURSED CROONERS & SPOOKY SONGS! This time she's covering what is known as the My Way Murders-- a string of at least 12 violent acts that took place during the singing of My Way by Frank Sinatra at karoake. Yeah, you read that right.

Ashley swings in with a horrific TRUE CRIME TIME, discussing the strange death of Ryan Stallings and the conviction and sentencing of his own mother Patricia Stallings - who would have spent the rest of her life in prison if not for a good samaritan watching an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Whew, that one is tough, so Lauren shares some WEIRD NEWS with us. Back in June over 400 vampires were found buried in Poland. Well, not real vampires. But definitely people suspected of being vampires! Or maybe they WERE real vampires...

And don't worry, we've still got MORE BONES coming because Ashley finishes off the episode by introducing us to SKELETON LAKE! Of course thats just a nickname, the lake's real name is Roopkund and it's in the middle of the Himalayas. A small lake filled with an estimated 300-800 bodies.. and no one knows how they got there...

 Woof, that's a lot to handle in one hour. Luckily we've had some tequila to help get you (and us) through it.

Check out some links below if you want to do more reading on the subjects discussed in this episode.

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Not the Monkey's Fault

 Unsolved Mysteries Helps Unsolve a Murder

Padlocked Toes & Too Many Bones

Skeleton Lake,to%20preserve%20the%20human%20remains


Sep 15, 2023

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!  Please don't show me a haunted doll!

Welcome to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD- your one stop shop for all things strange and unusual!

This week we are answering the universe's most unusual question... what the f*ck is going on with mirrors?!

What if you could replace all of your pill bottles full of anxiety and depression meds and just look into a mirror for a few minutes a day?  What if you could see your past self and heal your trauma?  What if you could travel to another dimension?

It may sound crazy, but "crazy" is our middle name so buckle up!  This week we are diving into all things reflective as Ashley teaches us about the Kozyrev Mirror experiments from the 1950s & the 1990s wherein physicists placed hundreds of subjects into a device that not only opened up their third eye but also caught the eye of extraterrestrials!  We're also going to touch on the Chronovisor, a smiliar experimental device created by a priest, a physicist and a Nazi scientist that supposedly showed them the actual crucifixion of Christ that is being held at the Vatican, never to be seen again. 

Don't worry, Lauren brings us back to reality with some TRUE CRIME TIME as we look into the unsolved Tara Leigh Calico missing persons case and we question whether or not the famous photo of the two bound children helped or hindered the investigation.  

Check the links BELOW if you want to learn more about today's topics!

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Are Mirrors Even Real?

Tara Calico Disappearance


Sep 8, 2023

Welcome Weirdos, one and all!  Young and small!  Step right up and test your PSI Strength!

This is a very special episode of Keep It Weird, the podcast for all things strange and unusual– because we have the king and queen of the strange and unusual joining us this week!

This episode feels like it’s been seven whole years in the making and it’s finally here.  Synchronicities may have brought us together but our anti-hypnotism stance is what will keep us friends.  This week Ashley and Lauren are joined by Planet Weird’s very own GREG & DANA NEWKIRK!! 

Greg and Dana are the owners/operators of the Newkirk Museum of the Paranormal & Occult.  You may have seen their appearances on shows like Kindred Spirits, Paranormal Lockdown, The World According to Jeff Goldblum or Finding Bigfoot.  Or maybe you know them from their very own podcast The Haunted Objects Podcast where they discuss the history, folklore and supernatural significance of some of their most treasured haunted items.

And if you don’t know them from any of those amazing things, you will know them as the driving force behind one of our all time favorite documentary series Hellier where they, along with Karl Pfeiffer and Connor Randall, take a trip to Hellier Kentucky to investigate some high strangeness and try to find some goblins.

Well they are here today to talk about ALL kinds of strange phenomena, paranormal entertainment, the fact that hypnotism is just PLAIN RUDE, witchcraft, Hellier drinking games, the times they’ve been the most scared and so much more. We even get to gush a bit about their BRAND NEW DOCUMENTARY that is out TODAY September 8th THE UNBINDING.  It’s the perfect way to start your spooky season right so head over to and check it out now!

Without further ado– enjoy this episode, it was a dream come true for us and we hope that we didn’t just squeal our way through this interview.

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No links this week, but once again make sure you check out to find ALL things Greg/Dana/HighStrangeness/Hellier/HauntedObjectsPod/TheUnbinding. 

 Keep It Weird!


Sep 1, 2023

Hey Weirdos!

Or should I say SEARDOS!?   Production schedules got a little wonky here at the end of September and I didn't want to leave you without an episode this Friday--  THE FIRST OF SEPTEMBER!  Which I think we can all officially, collectively agree is the EVE OF SPOOKY SEASON!! 

I decided to rerelease an episode of Keep It Seared from 2021 because relistening to it made me laugh out loud and also it's HIGH TIME we hear Handsome Joe's voice on this podcast!  He's obviously had a very busy (and stressful) year between work and family and surgeries so we haven't gotten to hear him get angry in so long!  Well... I have... but you guys haven't!

This week I share some interesting/strange/intriguing/lesser known facts with Joe and honestly... he keeps a pretty level head.  Dare I say I'm proud of him?  

Check out the link below for photos and videos of my last weird item in the episode, and make sure you join us next week where we will have two VERY special guests join us for an hour of high strangeness..

Aug 25, 2023

Scary up front but OK in the end!

That's the accidental theme for this week's episode of KEEP IT WEIRD - The podcast for all things strange and unusual - and therefore our working title... But REAL Weirdos know the official title of this one...

Hey, kids! If you're new here this is the show where Ashley & Lauren get together each week to talk about something WEIRD and this week had way too much body horror involved. We apologize to most of you but for some of you freaks: you're welcome?

Ashley starts us off by taking us on a Magic School Bus ride for BODY TIME! Have you ever heard of Musical Ear Syndrome? Well some people are blaming this phenomenon for witnessing paranormal activity! But don't worry, we've got some alternative theories to compete with the skeptics.

 Lauren takes us into a JEEPERS CREEPERS that's all about our PEEPERS. Did you know that our eyeballs have something called "immune privelage?" It means that our eyes have a special relationship with our immune system that help protect them from inflammatory responses... but it also does horrible, terrible things.

Ashley couldn't let our eyes get all the glory, she comes in next with another JEEPERS CREEPERS but this one is all about TEEFERS. Teeth, as adults call them. Did you know they could EXPLODE?! I don't need to say more about this, watch the ep to unlock new dental fears.

Finally, Lauren wraps up the episode with a good old fashioned CONSPIRACY THEORY!! Only this time the conspiracy came true. The cold war made all of us a little cuckoo-- but possibly none moreso than the Canadian government who decided they needed to build the world's first "GAYDAR" to try to rid themselves of homosexual employees. But all it really did was prove that we just don't shame straight white men enough.

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Ghost Music

Dead Eyes, Can't Lose,of%20local%20and%20systemic%20mechanisms.

Tooth Explosion

Cold War Homophobia


Aug 18, 2023

Rollin' down the street smokin' indo, sippin on bug juice.  LAID BACK! With my mind on those clowns and those clowns on my mind.

Right?  Anyway, hello and welcome to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD!! The podcast for all things strange and unusual.  We are the luckiest gals alive because each week we get to sit down and gab about something WEIRD! 
We hope you're not turned off by the Trigger Warning at the beginning-- it seems like this episode is going to be VERY heavy but it's surprisingly tame... except for all the death.
This week Laura starts us off with one of our favorite new segments WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KEEP IT WEIRD!!  Just like our hero Carmen Sandiego, we go ALL over this planet (in our hearts) in search of the world's weirdest places and boy we found a doozy.  I'm surprised it took us seven years to talk about this place but HERE WE ARE.  The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada!   Located directly across the street from a very spooky cemetery, this place has more clowns than one man or woman could possibly handle.  Maybe that's why there's so much paranormal activity??  Orrrrr maybe they're trying to sell you a ticket.  We will never find out, because we will not go.
Ashley cuts in because she HAD A THOUGHT! Could it be that criminal profiler and FBI Agent John Douglas wasn't just ahead of his time and good at his job?  Could he have been... psychic?  It's just a thought OKAY!?
And Lauren brings us home (or to hell?) with one of our newest segments, a SPONSORED segment called CURSED CROONERS AND SPOOKY SONGS (Sponsored by Melanie Vartabedian) as she shares with us possibly the most cursed song of all-- "Gloomy Sunday" by Rezso Seress.  Did this song CAUSE suicides?  Or was it the widespread famine and war in Hungary that pushed them over the edge?  Is this song just too damn sad?  
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Clownin' Around
Psychic or Profiler,socks%20tied%20around%20her%20neck.
Gloomy Sunday
Aug 11, 2023

The good guys dressed in black, remember that Weirdos!

Welcome to another week of weird with your two favorite freaks!  Each week we have the pleasure of hanging out and chatting about something WEIRD and it's the greatest honor to do it with YOU!!

This week Ashley has an ENORMOUS alien update in a new segment we are calling ZED WE HAVE A BUG!  Obviously you all know that congress just held a hearing about UAP and UAP disclosure but what you may not know is whats happening on the DL.  Ashley checked the tabloids, reddit and other dark corners of the internet to find out what was happening in the world of UFOs outside of congress.  Starting with SEDGE MASTERS - a three article series from UFO Magazine in 1998 that is getting some new attention, a MYSTERY MAN posting on Reddit claiming to be a molecular biologist who worked on EBOs (aliens) from 2000-2010 and supposedly knows exactly what they are and where they come from, and finally we are taken on a bumpy ride by ERIC HECKER a firefighter and plumber (it will make sense when you listen) who was contracted to work on a base in Antarctica by none other than RAYTHEON-- and he claims that they are up to no good down there.

Now, all of that is pretty heavy.  Which is why we are grateful to have Lauren here to bring us a THIS WEEK IN WEIRD about the final capture of a con-man who escaped from prison FIVE YEARS ago and was just arrested last week.  And she brings a fun GO QUESTIONS question about whether or not we'd help our loved ones cover up a murder.  

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TWIW: Con Man Goes to Jail... again


Sedge Masters:


Mystery Biologist:


Antarctica Problems:


Jul 28, 2023

All hail our sky daddies!

 Welcome to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD - the podcast for all things strange and unusual-- and this week we are looking to the stars QUITE A BIT NOW AREN'T WE?!

This week we have a new SPONSORED SEGMENT called ANCIENT ARTIFACTS with Addie Rife! For our first trip we're making our way to Egypt and Ashley is teaching us about King Tut, his very short reign, why he is so so famous and also what the hell he was doing with a DAGGER FROM SPACE?!

Lauren takes us into another new segment called WE DON'T CLAIM THEM which is where we chant "Shame" and throw rotten fruit at self proclaimed "weirdos" who do bad, bad things. This week she's fueling our hate fire for Cedric Lodge, his wife Denise and their slew of friends across the United States who have been trafficking HUMAN BODY PARTS. Worst of all, Cedric (was) the Harvard Medical School Morgue Manager. Boo Cedric. Shame!! SHAME!!

And Ashley brings it right back around to our alien overlords in A BIT OF BIOLOGY as she discusses some CROP CIRCLES found in the perfect molecular makeup of Melatonin and Niacis (Vitamin B3) - What are our Sky Fathers trying to tell us about these chemicals? That we need to take better care of ourselves? Or that we are being oppressed by the powers that be by clouding our third eye and thus our spiritual judgement? Or maybe it was two farmers after a bar crawl... will we ever know?

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 King Tut's Space Dagger

 Creeps Selling Body Parts's,Goffstown%2C%20New%20Hampshire%2C%20and%20Mathew

Sleepy Crop Circles


Jul 21, 2023

Hi Weirdos! 

Welcome to our very first FLASHBACK EPISODE!! We asked you what you thought our funniest moments were and in this episode we are bringing you TWELVE clips from past episodes that made you LOL

Six and a half full seasons of episodes and hundreds of bonus episodes made it VERY difficult to narrow down but we just took our MOST REQUESTED moments and compiled them here, for your listening (and viewing) pleasure.

From interrupting cats to getting lost on boats, spashal affax to WUTUHH and even a time I almost set my apartment on fire (Not the same time as when I *actually* set my *house* on fire)

Take a scroll if you want a breakdown of the episodes included in this episode, make sure you check the episode out on our YOUTUBE channel at if you want to see a handful of old photos and our DIY video and while you’re there hit up that SUBSCRIBE button so that you can be the first to know when a new video has been uploaded.

We’ve had a BLAST these past seven years and we hope to keep having fun with you for many to come.

Clip 1: Season 3 Episode 6 "Ayy Bobby New York" Guest: Steven LaChioma

Clip 2: Season 2 Episode 19 "OPP: Oscillating Poo Platform" Guest: Bret Correll

Clip 3: Season 3 Episode 25 "Lagawho, LagaWHAT" Guest: Billy Roach - Cohost: Joe Ochs

Clip 4: Season 4 Episode 13 "Turn Around Bright Eyes" Guest: Joe Ochs Special Guest Appearance: Gabby Goob

Clip 5: Season 3 Episode 40 "A Night with the Queen" Guest: Tyler Schuelke

Clip 6: Season 3 Episode 16 "My Friends Call Me Whiskers" Guest: Kate Alden

Clip 7: Season 2 Episode 3 "Lifestyles of the Rich & Suspicious" Guest: Blair Gorman-Diaz

Clip 8: Patreon Bonus Episode- Special 420 Episode "Allicin My Aim is True"

Clip 9: Patreon Bonus VIDEO - Season One - Curl Up and DIY

Clip 10: Various - Patreon Bonus Episodes with Keep It Beard Cohost Amy Hanselmann

Clip 11: Season 2 Episode 2 "A Joespiracy Theory" Guest: Joe Ochs

 Clip 12: Season 1 Episode 17 "A 90's Spooktacular Spectacular" Guest: Jimmy Heisner

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