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Keep It Weird is a podcast about all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, spooky, gross, sticky, and all around weird! Going beyond ghosts, aliens, and true crime, Lauren & Ashley research the strange side of artificial intelligence, nature, human anatomy, religion, relationships & much more. (Music: Intro Tunes: Aurora Borealis by Jon Wright Outro Tunes: Mystical Music Box by Erick McNerney Artwork: Stephanie Weitekamp)
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Dec 20, 2019

Hi Weirdos!  Welcome to our SEASON 3 FINALE!! 

As per usual, our season finale is a paranormal investigation and this year we're setting sail!  Ashley and Lauren are joined by one of their best friends and recurring guest TYLER SCHUELKE as they spend the night on board the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach California! 

Ashley and Tyler discuss the amazing history of the ocean liner, they reminisce about the awesome tour they took, and play clips from the night they spent exploring the halls and rooms of this legendary haunted boat! 

It isn't necessary but we definitely recommend that you listen to parts of this episode with headphones as we are going to be listening to some interesting EVP's that we caught on the ship, some unexplainable noises, along with some very quiet moments of the investigation and we wouldn't want you to miss any of the spooky stuff!

Thank you all so much for your support for yet another season of Keep It Weird!   We appreciate you all and we can't wait to see you in a couple months! 

Dec 13, 2019

On November 16th, 2018 Keep It Weird released their very first Special Edition True Crime Investigation wherein your host Ashley and very special guest Stephen Garland studied the unsolved murder of John William Shakespeare in 1975 in there hometown of Centralia, Illinois.

Since then we have received hundreds of documents, witness testimonies, investigation reports, autopsy reports, crime scene photos, suspect interviews, and so, so much more and we decided we had to record an update.  

This week we'll be bringing you a lot of new evidence, updates on how our opinions have changed in the last year, and several NEW suspects and motives for the crime.

There have been no arrests in this case and all evidence presented is circumstantial.  The opinions and theories expressed in this episode are speculative and theoretical and were derived from ongoing reports and firsthand accounts that were collected.  

Special thanks to Richard Sprehe, the BBC, Fremantle Media & Thames TV, University of Southern California and their ONE archives, the Beverly Hills Public Library, the Mattachine Society out of Washington DC, Esty Garland, Pam Casseday, Ron Casseday, Joe Ochs, Mackenzie Prather, and several other past and present Centralians who have provided us information that have asked to remain anonymous.  

Dec 6, 2019

You better believe we're back!  Back in the New York Groove! 

Welcome to our third and final installment of Hometown Haunts: NEW YORK!! Ashley and Lauren are joined once again by actor and comedian Steve Lachioma as they discuss the weirdest things that have taken place in the Empire state!

We've investigated the murders, we've hunted down the monsters, and now its time to communicate with some spirits because this week is all about HAUNTINGS!! Ashley is bringing you New York City's creepiest, spookiest, and spine tingliest locations and the bonkers stories behind them.

We're going to discover a haunted well, visit the house of death, meet Rosemary's baby, and even unknowingly walk across literally thousands of bodies.  New York is WILD, YO!


Nov 29, 2019

Happy Holidays Weirdos!! 

I know you need something to listen to while you're doing your Black Friday shopping; Ask and you shall receive! 

This week is part two of our Hometown Haunts in New York and we're going to be talking about CRYPTIDS!! That's right we're going to be talking about all of New York State's many monsters.

Actor/Comedian Steve Lachioma is going to be teaching us about some wild men, lake monsters, and even some dinosaurs down in the sewers.  

And get excited for a special drop in from one of your favorite handsome guests.

Tune in next week for PART THREE where Ashley is going to be giving you a tour of the spookiest NYC Haunts.

Nov 22, 2019

Ayyyy, Oh, Ayy! Welcome to the Big Apple!

Welcome to another edition of HOMETOWN HAUNTS!  This time we're heading to the Empire State in a THREE PART series! 

Ashley and Lauren are joined by actor, comedian, and native New Yorker Steve Lachioma as they discuss the murder, monsters, and mayhem that you can only find in New York, New York!

This week is Part One and Lauren is going to be focusing on some absolutely cray true crime stories! We focus on two murderers who had their stories immortalized on film, a straw hat riot, a real big cat named Ming and much more! 

Start spreadin' the news, weirdos and lets head to the big city! 

Nov 15, 2019


Remember that old commercial? Anyway, welcome to another episode of Keep It Weird!  This week we are finishing up our discussion on UNSOLVED MURDERS!  Last week Ashley and Lauren spent the whole episode talking about bodies being stuffed into things (yikes.) 

This week, Lauren brings us the terrifying tale of a sordid serial killer who dumped his victims along a freeway in Washington DC.  Ashley is pondering the question: What happens when you combine an ordinary dude, a mysterious lady, and the freakin' mafia?!  (Spoiler alert... it's murder)

Extra Warning: This episode contains some extremely graphic material including the rape and murder of very young women.  As usual we stray from the super graphic details, but some things can't always be avoided.

Nov 8, 2019

Hi Weirdos!

Redrum!  REDRUM!  REDRUM!!  We didn't get enough of Halloween this year so for our first November episode we're diving into one of the scariest subjects of all. MURDER.  The worst kind of murder. The kind that is never solved...

This week Ashley and Lauren hang out and teach each other about some absolutely bonkers unsolved murders and as per usual our weird alien hive minds accidentally chose similar stories so for PART ONE you're getting two murders in which the bodies were stuffed into things!  

Join us to find out who won our Halloween Instagram contests, who put that lady in that tree, and what kind of meat is in that smelly refrigerator?? 

Oct 25, 2019

Happy Halloween Weirdos!

We hope you're receiving a lot of Tricks and Treats and enjoying the spookiest month of the year! 

We decided we couldn't go an entire month without seeing you so this week, Lauren and Ashley are sitting down to chat about the REAL stories that inspired the characters in American Horror Story.

You DO NOT have to watch American Horror Story to listen to this episode-- we don't talk much about the show, only to reference the REAL LIFE HORRORS that took place to inspire the show!

The girls each take a person, place, or event from seasons 1-5; Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freakshow, and Hotel to share and scream over.

Serial killers, Nazis, circus performers, urban legends, and even mythical magical beings.

Join us for our extra special 2019 Halloween Special and we'll see you in November.

Oct 4, 2019

Oh, Captain, My Captain! Was DB Cooper a captain?  Maybe.  Was he the captain of MY HEART?  Absolutely.

Finishing up our UNSOLVED MYSTERIES series, it's finally our guests turn to shine.  Comedian and Writer Hanna Bowens is here with us once again to talk about the mystery of DB COOPER!! 

DB Cooper was the (fake) name of the man who hijacked a plane for ransom money back in 1971.  To this day, no one knows who he is.

Join us as we discuss the events that took place, the conspiracies involved, and theories on who the heck this man is and where in the world he could be! 

After learning of the Voynich Manuscript, The Somerton Man, and the DB Cooper case... it's safe to say that the world we live in truly is WEIRD.



Sep 27, 2019

I've got that Somerton, Somerton Sadness!

Hi weirdos!

Welcome to YET ANOTHER Unsolved Mystery!  These are some of our favorite episodes and FOR GOOD REASON because jeez oh man these cases just keep getting weirder and weirder.

Last week we discussed the Voynich Manuscript and you'll get a little bonus Voynich theory at the beginning of this episode.  This week Lauren is bringing us one of our all time favorite mysteries; the case of the Somerton Man (aka Tamam Shud.)

Picture this... a guy found dead on the beach in 1948.  No ID. No apparent cause of death.  And in his pocket is a strange note that just says "Tamam Shud."

And now imagine... that this is the LEAST CRAZY THING ABOUT THIS CASE!! 

Join us as Lauren takes us through the days of the investigation, the theories as to what may have went down, and even some RECENT UPDATES in one of the strangest mysteries in history.

Join us next week for our final mystery... which is... ALSO a mystery.  Follow us on social media @keepitweirdcast to get clues to our next episode! 


Sep 20, 2019

Uh oh, weirdos.

It's time to solve a mystery.  Solve a mystery from history. A historical mystorical.

Ashley and Lauren were joined by comedian and writer Hanna Bowens for another edition of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES!! We had so much information on each of our stories that one recording session turned into THREE EPISODES!! That's right, prepare to scratch your noggins because you've got three weeks of conundrums.

This week Ashley is bringing you an hours worth of notes on the VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT!  This 600+ year old book is written in an unknown language and no one knows who wrote it.  After carbon dating, protein testing, and the scouring of historical documents; the more we learn about the manuscript the more confusing it becomes.

Head over to our Facebook page to see all of the artworks we reference towards the end of the episode.

If you or anyone you know has any information on Mr. Voynich and his prized manuscript... call the number on your screen now.


Sep 13, 2019

Hi Weirdos!! 

Welcome to another edition of LISTENER GHOST STORIES!  The spookiest episodes in town!

Listener Ghost Stories/Strange Tales/Real Life Spooky Stories are the episodes in which Lauren and Ashley read real life stories SENT IN BY YOU! 

This week we run the gamut of emotions; we get scared, our hearts swell up, we get nervous, and yes... we even cry.

From the grandpas we miss dearly to the intruders in our homes.  From the most unique place to see a ghost to the places that make you say "Duh, this place is obvi haunted." From the soldiers in Vietnam to truckers on the highway; this episode truly has it all.

So tuck those toesies under the blanket so the monster can't chew them off and prepare to get scared.


WARNING: Listener Ghost Stories episodes include sound effects and music.  Sometimes they can be jarring.

Sep 6, 2019

Welcome Weirdos, one and all!

This is PART TWO of our Personality Disorder episode!  Ashley and Lauren are joined once again by stand-up comedian Justin Foster to chat about mental health disorders!

Last week Ashley taught us about Schizotypal and Paranoid Personality Disorder and this week Justin is teaching us all about Antisocial Personality Disorder AKA SOCIOPATHS!  Sociopaths are incredibly fascinating for many reasons; one of which is their association to a large number of famous serial killers.

Lauren is discussing the very controversial topic of Dissociative Personality Disorder AKA MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES!  We ask all the important questions: What causes it? Where do these personalities come from?  Where does the host go?  Can you treat it? And even: Does it exist?

In this episode we talk about some very sensitive disorders, discuss brutal and disturbing cases, and try to show you the ways in which people with severe personality disorders can still live a very fulfilling and "normal" life.  

But remember, weirdos.  Theres no such thing as normal...

Aug 30, 2019

Hi Weirdos!

Welcome to our very first mental health episode!  We've always wanted to dive into psychology & mental health and our hilarious guest, stand up comedian Justin Foster was itching to discuss sociopaths so we jumped at the opportunity to discuss PERSONALITY DISORDERS!

This is an episode we've always been interested in, but extra cautious to record. There are a lot of stigmas involved in mental disorders and chatting about them on a show dedicated to all things "weird" was something we had to be very cognizant of.  The three of us all have experiences with psychological disorders and it was really special to be able to sit down and discuss them, alongside personality disorders this week!

In part one we are talking about Schizotypal personality disorder (STPD) and Paranoid personality disorder (PPD.) The history of the disorder, the symptoms, the treatments, and even some cases where the disorder took over and things went a little too far.

Next week Justin will be telling us about sociopaths and Lauren will be getting into the controversial topic of Dissociative Disorder (multiple personalities.)


This episode was sponsored by FabFitFun! #fabfitfunpartner


Middle Child:


S E S H:

Music provided by RFM:

Aug 23, 2019

Hi Weirdos! 

Welcome to PART TWO of our WEREWOLF episode!  Ashley is joined once again by her fill-in cohost JOEY and our hilarious, knowledgeable guest Billy Roach as they chat about the furriest monsters out there!

Last week Billy taught us everything we could possibly know about werewolves and we were in RARE form, let me tell you.  Maybe it was a full moon?

This week we're taking it a little more seriously, Ashley is going to be talking all about werewolves in pop culture and the different ways that lycanthropy is represented in film and television!  Werewolves have always been a great way to mirror society and some of the issues we don't feel comfortable talking about.  From sexual orientation, puberty, race, and even STDs! And we finish off the episode chatting about SKINWALKERS!! Those scary f*ckers.

Join us for another drool filled romp and make sure you get those sticks oiled!


Song clip after the episode: 

Album - Excitable Boy 1978

Warren Zevon - Vocals, Piano

Waddy Wachtel - Guitar, Producer

Mick Fleetwood - Drums

John McVie - Bass

Written by Warren Zevon, Waddy Wachtel, Leroy P. Marinell

Aug 16, 2019

Aaaaaooooooo, Weirdos!

Are you ready to learn about Werewolves?!  This week Ashley is joined by the monster man himself, Mr. Southern Vampire Billy Roach!  Billy is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to the mythos of vampires and trust me when I say he did NOT disappoint when it comes to werewolves either.

Billy and Ashley are joined by their hype man, Handsome Joe (aka DJ Jazzy Joe) as Billy teaches us all about where the legends began, the different versions of lore from around the world, lycanthropy as a disease, how to kill a werewolf, how to *become* a werewolf, and so much more.

Join us next week when Ashley dives into werewolves in pop culture and how the beast has mirrored society throughout the decades.

In the meantime... oil your sticks.

Aug 2, 2019

Welcome, weirdos, to part TWO of our TIME TRAVEL episode!

As you know, last week Joe taught us about spacetime, how gravity, speed, and velocity work together to influence "time," wormholes & black holes, and so much more.

This week is all about theoretical science.  Ashley is going to be teaching the crew about Time Paradoxes and the different things that would and wouldn't be possible when it came through traveling through time.  Most importantly, the things we'd have to worry about if time travel were possible.

And as for our guest this week- we are joined once again by Madigan Haggerty of  Your Angry Neighborhood Feminist (podcast) and she ventured to the darkest corners of the world wide web to find some REAL (?) life time travelers to learn their stories! 

Have a blast, y'all.  And make sure you grab your towel! 

Jul 26, 2019

Great Scott, Weirdos!

Welcome to our very first (how is that possible?) TIME TRAVEL episode!! Ashley has a very handsome stand-in cohost, Mr. Handsome Joe himself, and they get to sit down with Madigan Haggerty, host of the podcast Your Angry Neighborhood Feminist, to chat about space and time.

This week Joey is going to teach us all about time travel-- time, space, quantum physics, theoretical physics, time dilation, wormholes, velocity, blackholes, and so much more.

Next week we're going to discuss time paradoxes, time travel in science fiction, and Madigan is going to tell us about some real life time travelers... or are they?

So hop in your DeLorean and hit 88 miles per hour-- we're going back to the future.

Jul 17, 2019

Welcome Weirdos and Floridians alike!

This is our very first official CROSSOVER EPISODE!  We had the pleasure of joining the boys of one of our favorite podcasts Florida Men on Florida Man in their Studio in sunny Florida last week via Skype to chat about some recent crazy "Florida Man" headlines, answer listener questions, play a game that was definitely not rigged, and discuss the totally weird tale of the Betz Mystery Sphere!

In March of 1974, a Florida family stumbled upon a strange metal artifact after a brush fire on their property that, after a couple weeks, started to move on it's own... 

Please make sure you check out Florida Men on Florida Man, we've enjoyed every single episode of their hilarious pod and we know you will, too!  Follow them on Instagram & Twitter @fmofmpodcast and of course follow us as well @keepitweirdcast


Jul 12, 2019

Hi Weirdos!

Are you ready to get deep?  This is part two of our Q & A session with Amy Goldenburg of House of Heron's Eye.  Amy is a medium who has been working as a spiritual healer in Los Angeles for years and she sat down with your host Ashley to answer YOUR questions!

In part one we covered ghosts, death, aliens, and tarot cards.  This week we have a much more serious conversation.  We discuss healing past traumas, discovering your life's purpose, finding happiness, spiritual healing, communicating with loved ones we have lost, and we even answer the question "Can a ghost be a perv?"

This episode deals a lot with spirituality, faith, life, and unconditional love.  Keep an open mind; you never know what you could gain!

Jul 5, 2019

Welcome to a very special episode of Keep It Weird wherein Ashley sits down for an intimate conversation with the show's favorite medium- Amy Goldenberg.

Over 50 listeners sent in questions for this episode and we set out to answer as many as possible.  Questions about death, the afterlife, connecting with your spirit, overcoming the fear and uncertainty of spirituality, finding ways to communicate with those who have passed, knowing when you're on the right path in life, and even the existence of extra terrestrials.

This episode is as fascinating to listen to as it was to record and my most sincere hope is that you listen with an open mind and find a way to become closer to your spiritual self-- in whatever way is meaningful to you.

Make sure you follow Amy on instagram @houseofheronseye and reach out to say hello! 

Jun 28, 2019

Hi Weirdos!

This week is all about SERIAL KILLERS!  Lauren and Ashley are going to be chatting about some of the lesser known serial murderers, who they killed, how they killed, how they were caught, and how they are all a bunch of dumb a-hole jerks.


Listen in for stories that are disturbing, cops and laws that are frustrating, letters to police, bodies buried under your feet,  and a collection of men that are complete trash.

Jun 21, 2019

That's-a Spicy Meatball!

Hi Weirdos!  Welcome to PART TWO of our delicious FOOD episode!  Ashley and Lauren are joined once again by the wonderful Natalie Higgerson as we chat about our favorite past-time-- food!

Last week Lauren made us squirm with the worlds craziest cuisines and this week Natalie is starting us off with the wackiest, spookiest, strangest restaurants in the USA.  Some very out-there themes, unbelievable menus, unlikely locations, and even places where you can dine with the dead.

Then Ashley brings us home with some absolutely crazy FOODSPIRACIES. That's right, the queen of the conspiracy is here to make you question everything once again as she shares some scary, some silly, and some conspiracies that ended up being 100% true.

Grab your bib and your hand wipes; it's going to get messy.

Jun 14, 2019

Bon Appétit, weirdos! 

Welcome to part one of our very first WEIRD FOOD episode!  

This week the girls are joined by Ashley's childhood best friend Natalie Higgerson and Lauren is going to be sharing with us all of the world's STRANGEST cuisines.

From fried bugs to old eggs and friendly marsupials to oysters that are  definitely NOT oysters; this episode is going to get messy.  So strap on your bib, grab some salt and pepper, and enjoy!

May 31, 2019

Tunk It, Weirdos!


Welcome to PART TWO of Maine Mayhem!  Boy this state is wild!

Maine native Kate Alden joins us once again-- last week she shared a ton of scary haunting stories-- old tales as well as personal experiences she and her family has had in that great singular syllable state.

This week Lauren is going to be sharing some of Maine's most gruesome murders that will make you question whether or not the place really is as safe as they say it is... 

And Ashley will be scaring Lauren with some sea creatures, marveling at some monsters, creeping you out with some curses, and sharing a sweet, sweet story about a seal.

Strap on your bibs and heat up some butter-- we're heading back to Maine-ayuh.



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