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Keep It Weird is a podcast about all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, spooky, gross, sticky, and all around weird! Going beyond ghosts, aliens, and true crime, Lauren & Ashley research the strange side of artificial intelligence, nature, human anatomy, religion, relationships & much more. (Music: Intro Tunes: Aurora Borealis by Jon Wright Outro Tunes: Mystical Music Box by Erick McNerney Artwork: Stephanie Weitekamp)
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Nov 26, 2021
For auld lang syne, weirdos!
The time has come for our season five finale and if you think you are sadder than we are you are MISTAKEN.  Before you get to worryin', we will be back in a few months.  In the meantime, before we go we needed to wrap up the ol' 2021.  A shit-heap of a year that pulled no punches- it was FULL of murder, mischief and mayhem.  
Ashley and Lauren are joined by VERY SPECIAL GUEST HANDSOME JOE as they cover the true crime, strange news, conspiracies, and all around weird stories that occurred in the last eleven months.  From Gabby Petito to Astroworld, learning a thing our two about your roots to cocaine hippos, and exciting science to hollow earths- this week we cover it all.
Thank you all so much for supporting us this year and all the years past.  We can't wait to see what 2022 brings us.  After all-- IT'S GOTTA BE OUR YEAR!  RIGHT?!  ARE YOU THERE GOD, IT'S ME YA GIRL?!
Have a fantastic holiday season and always Keep It Weird
Nov 12, 2021

Frights! Camera! HACKtion Weirdos!! 

We are once again covering HORROR MOVIES on this beloved, strange podcast of ours and this time we're doing it with a twist.  We're taking three horror movies we love and discussing real life true events that may have inspired them.  

Ashley & Lauren are joined by horror movie director ISAAC RUTH as we dive into some very scary REAL events.

Ashley starts us off with 2015's THE VVITCH and we discuss what exactly happened in Europe between the 1400s and the 1700's (and the infamous event in Salem, MA) when so many men and women were murdered for "witchcraft."

Then Isaac takes over to discuss 1975's JAWS and why in the world so many of us are so, so scared of the oceans that cover most of our planet.

And Lauren finishes us off with 2003's WRONG TURN and we talk about the real life terror that is incest and inbreeding.

Grab your popcorn and your favorite pair of 3D glasses and meet us on the couch under the covers for some REEL HORROR.


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Nov 8, 2021

Hey Weirdos!

It's time for another check-in don't ya think?  Last time we had one of our talks it was because I was feeling lost and hopeless after the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

This time I'm coming around because I've had friends from all walks of life coming to me in the last few weeks telling me that they are experiencing such debilitating anxiety (some for the first time in their lives) and they don't know how to deal with it and they need help.  

I can only assume that if my inner circle is experiencing this... some of you have to be, too.  So this is just a simple reminder that you aren't the only one feeling this way and that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.  

Just be kind and hang on.  We love you.

Nov 5, 2021

Don't let the bedbugs bite, Weirdos!

Welcome to the long awaited DREAMS episode!! What the hell are dreams anyway?  Where do they come from?  What is happening to our bodies while we are dreaming?  Why do we dream at all?!

We attempt to answer these questions and more as Ashley and Lauren sit down with the host of GOTH YEARBOOK Eric Wynn!

Ashley starts us off with the science and history of dreams and we try and get to the bottom of why we go to strange places with strange people every night.

Eric takes us through his journey with LUCID DREAMING and we discuss how to gain control while inside your dream and what benefits it could have for your waking life!

And Lauren finishes it off by teaching us a bit about NIGHT TERRORS- how they are different from average run of the mill nightmares, where they come from and why they happen.

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Oct 29, 2021

Happy Halloween, Weirdos!!

As usual, our Halloween special is a fan favorite- LISTENER GHOST STORIES!! This year we packed in NINE terrifying tales to give you goosebumps and a few nightmares to kick off your special, spooky weekend! 

This episode is full of shadowy beings and close encounters.  And in the end we're left wondering who the hell they are.  Are they paranormal?  Supernatural?  Inter-dimensional? Or, possibly even worse... are they completely human?  And why the HELL are they in my house!?

Turn off the lights, get under the covers, throw in a set of headphones and turn up the volume and get ready to get scared.


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Music by Vivek Abishek & White Bat Audio

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Oct 22, 2021

Good Evening, Veirdos.

I vant to talk about vampires!! And vhat I vant I get, so come vith us into the night.  Continuing our SPOOKTACULAR October this week we are sitting down with return guest, fan favorite, the expert in all things hairy, scary and full of teeth-- the amazing BILLY ROACH!! 

Billy is going to start us off by discussing the good old days when vampires were scary monsters who wanted nothing more than to hide in the shadows until they decided to rip out your throat.  

Then what the hell happened?!  When did these monstrous creatures become total sex icons?  When did LOVE get involved?  Lauren is going to walk us through that transition, what caused it, and where vampires in film went from there.

And then Ashley brings us a very special surprise at the end with a crossover of her other show ASK ME EVERYTHING!! And it's all about those fanged creatures we adore.

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Oct 15, 2021

Blessed Be, Weirdos!

It's time to really get into spooky season, grab the broomsticks, gather 'round the cauldron, and cast a spell because we're talking WITCHCRAFT!

Our very special guest today is a green witch who you've heard on the show before-- the amazing LAURA LAREAU from our reincarnation series is sitting down with us to discuss herbalism, foraging, candle magick, the power of crystals, smudging, voodoo, working on your craft, and we may even teach you a spell or two.

(Spoiler Alert: We absolutely teach you a spell or two ;) )

Check out our new MERCH STORE here:


Oct 8, 2021

Laissez les bon temps rouler, weirdos!! Bounjou!

Welcome to another Hometown Haunts- we've been here many times before- previously on Keep It Weird we've taught you about the Rougarou- a hairy wolflike beast that terrorizes children of the Bayou at Lent, Jacquez St Germain who never ate- he just drank red wine from a cup, and even Madame Delphine LaLaurie, a woman so evil her home is said to be haunted to this day, hundreds of years later.  

But today we are joined by comedian and actress JEN KOBER (American Horror Story, The Purge, Dead To Me, Treme) and we are talking ALL ABOUT the Pelican state: Louisiana!! We cover slang and dialects, food and culture, haunted hotels and courthouses, a lake that swallowed a town and some seriously spooky abandoned locations.


(((Apologies in advance for the mic bumps in this episode!! We were recording in a different location with some different equipment.  I know its annoying and I did my best)))

Oct 1, 2021

Well Hello There, Kiddies

Welcome to our annual tribute to horror writers!! It's another edition of SCARY STORIES TO TELL (JOE) IN THE DARK!!

This time around we've got four delicious tales of terror ranging from the deadliest Christmas ever to first contact with extraterrestrials!  Ashley and Joe sit in their dark, creepy apartment and share the old fashioned past-time of telling spooky stories by candlelight. As usual music and sound effects have been added and could be jarring for some listeners.  This episode is best listened to with headphones.


"Fake News" by Matthew Gall

Buy his book Insomniac: Bite Sized Scary Stories on Amazon!

"50,000" by reddit user jtb685

Check out their reddit sub at

"Distorted Warning Signals" by Ashley Rose Wellman

Check out her website and follow her on Instagram @ashleyrosewellman

"The Meteor Generation" by Heather Flowers


Hear more at

Sep 17, 2021

Hello our sweet weird babies

First of all THANK YOU so much for sending in so many questions for our second ASK A WEIRDO episode!! We got so many and we feel very loved by all of you.

We did (apparently two?!) Ask a Weirdo episodes back in season one and then we never picked it up again!  So this week we are answering questions about podcasting, questions about self care and depression and even a handful of WEIRD questions including playing FMK with the paranormal and screaming over a lightning round.

We had a lot of fun doing this this week-- it really felt like we were just hanging out with you and telling you about our favorite things, our silliest secrets and our darkest moments.  NO NEW EPISODE next week so please check out ASK ME EVERYTHING and get more FREE weird content! 

Sep 10, 2021

No need for a magnifying glass weirdos, these mysteries are SOLVED!! 

We've scratched our heads for LONG ENOUGH so welcome to the second part of our SOLVED MYSTERIES episode!  

This week Ashley is detailing the investigation into the murder of William Sparkman Jr. in 2009.  How the detectives managed to go from mistaken hit job in the woods to something completely different in a matter of weeks thanks to strange confessions, brush stroke analysis, and good old fashioned non-lethal police work.

Then Lauren wraps us up with a happy ending by telling us how the show Unsolved Mysteries went searching for one missing girl... and ended up finding a totally different one.  

As usual, with all true crime episodes, this one contains some really dark material.  Including descriptions of dead bodies, mentions of suicide, pedophilia and kidnapping.  We are also total goobers, so we make jokes throughout.  But that DOES NOT MEAN there is anything funny or comical about these cases.  Just that we are children who can't control ourselves. 

Sep 3, 2021

Buckle your butts, weirdos.  This story gets dark.. and then darker... and then even darker.

We've covered unsolved mysteries several times on this show but we thought it was HIGH TIME to dedicate a series to SOLVED mysteries!! No more frustrating unanswered questions... well.. maybe a few...

This week our very special guest and beloved Patreon Keep It Beard cohost AMY HANSELMANN tells us the story of the disappearance of Steven Stayner.  

Like I said, this story is DARK.  It involves kidnapping, murder, pedophilia, generational trauma, and too many monsters.  But stay tuned to the end, because I chime in just when our spirits are lowest to revive you with some of the BEST things happening in our world today!  

Aug 27, 2021

Hey Ho, Lets Go!

Hey weirdos! Welcome to a full episode dedicated to the biggest event in human history: World War 2!  We've covered stories from WWII on the show before- like Hitler's werewolf army and my home girl Betty Pack the snack!  But this week ALL of our stories are World War 2 stories and boy does it get WILD!

Ashley is joined by special guest and fan favorite of the show JOE OCHS who is a self proclaimed "Slut" and "White Dad" for WWII. Joe is going to be introducing us to yet another amazing female spy named Virginia Hall as well as a special unit of the military that was kept a secret for over forty years known as the "ghost army."  Both of which combined saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Ashley is going to be teaching us about the origins of foo fighters (no, not Dave Grohl's band) and the many soldiers who reported seeing them over occupied Nazi territories as well as a theoretical super weapon known as "Die Glocke" or "The Bell" that may have made it's way into the United States military's hands and into a field in Kecksburg Pennsylvania in 1965...

God Bless the Allied Forces and may we always remember that it's in service to our country that we punch nazis right in their f*cking face.

Aug 20, 2021

Welcome foolish mortals!!

Welcome to the second part of our DISNEY SERIES!! Last week we talked about the films and this week we're talking about the parks!  And it is a very special episode for us, one we've been looking forward to for FIVE YEARS because today our guest is Lauren's amazing husband ALEX OGLE!! 

Alex is going to be using his knowledge as an experiential media creative director to teach us about the origins of Disney's WEIRDEST rides and where they are today.  Dispersed between Ashley is going to be trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam off of the Disney Wonder cruise in 2011 and Lauren will be talking about some of Disney's most gruesome deaths and injuries!! 


Rides included are Mr. Toads Wild Ride, ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter & of course, Disney's Haunted Mansion.

Aug 13, 2021

A very merry unbirthday to you, weirdos!! 

This week it's time to get magical because we're entering the wonderful world of DISNEY!!  Whether you're a Disney fan or as mad as Mad Madam Mim; there will be something for you in this series.

We're joined by a very special guest, one of our all time faves SCOTT YOUNGBAUER from the hilarious podcast MOVIES THAT MADE US GAY!! 

In Part one Lauren is going to go over some of Walt's less magical moments and we try to get to the bottom of the questions: Was Walt Disney an antisemite?  Racist? Sexist?? Or just a "man of his time?"

Scott is going to be examining a very popular conspiracy theory regarding Walt's head, the movie Disney straight up STOLE, and the tragic life and death of one of our most beloved voices. 

Join us next week as we move into the PARKS side of things! 


Warning: This episode does have discussions of racism, sexism, antisemitism, death, drug addiction, and a few political quips.

Aug 6, 2021

Scare me, Seymour! Scare me!

Welcome to another edition of LISTENER GHOST STORIES!!

This week we are telling stories sent in by YOU and some internet friends and these tales are 2scary4me.

We've got ghosts, we've got past lives, we've got aliens, we've got skinwalkers-- we have it all, people!  Lauren tells us stories about meeting the devil, finding your own past life, working at a haunted daycare (again?!) and what it's like to have a very angry imaginary friend.

Ashley tells us tales about aliens saving someone's life, a ghost boy in a striped shirt, a skinwalker attempting to trick some campers, a UFO burning a man's eyes, and even having a special ability where you are able to glimpse into someones life just by touching them...

As usual WARNING: these episodes are BEST enjoyed with a set of headphones to get the full creep-tastic experience!  And there are mentions of death, mental illness, and domestic abuse as well as sound effects and music that could be triggering to some listeners.

Jul 30, 2021

Eh, weirdos!! 

Did I spell "thieves" right?! That's a tough word. This week are continuing our edition of Hometown Haunts CANADA! But it turns out not all Canadians are polite and it sure is a lot darker now that DJ is gone...

This time 'round we're covering Canadian true crime! This episode is full of disturbing topics and listener discretion is advised.  Lauren is covering Canadian serial killer Wayne Clifford Boden whose fetish gave him the moniker "The Vampire Rapist."

Ashley is covering the Saskatoon freezing deaths which is a part of a bigger phenomenon in Canada known as "starlight tours" where police officers pick up indigenous people for minor crimes and drive them several miles out of town and leave them in the freezing cold temperatures, sometimes to die.

As I said before, this episode is particularly serious and we cover some pretty sensitive topics.  Rape, murder, mutilation, the abuse of indigenous people and police brutality.  It leads to a brief discussion about the meaning of ACAB and even the murder of George Floyd.  If these are topics that upset you, or topics that you don't wish to hear about we suggest you skip this one! 

Jul 23, 2021

Bonjour, weirdos!

Welcome to another edition of HOMETOWN HAUNTS. This time we're heading North.  WAY North.  Ok, not THAT North. We're traveling to the land of Wayne Gretzky and poutine.  America's Hat.  Canuck central.  That's right, we're headed to CANADA-eh!

Not only that, we also have a very special guest for today's episode.  You may have seen him on America's Got Talent or maybe you caught one of his appearances on CONAN-- joining us to talk about his home country is stand up comedian DJ DEMERS! 

DJ shares with us the things he had to change about himself when he moved from Canada to the US, some of the weirdest adjustments he had to make in regards to slang, and shares some very funny insights on how many ghosts he may have ignored while sleeping without his hearing aids.

Lauren teaches us about the most HAUNTED places in Canada including the Banff Springs Hotel, the Ottowa Jail Hostel and the Screaming Tunnel.

Ashley finishes us off by telling the story of one of the most substantiated close encounters in history-- known as the Falcon Lake Incident.

Make sure you check out DJ on instagram (@djdemers) and YouTube ( and listen to his podcasts Definitely DJ & DJ and Alex and DJ Watch a Doc on iTunes and Spotify! 

Jul 9, 2021

Hi Weirdos!!

Welcome to Karma Storage & Stairs!  The place to get all your karma, storage and stairs!! This is sort of a Helter Skelter episode- we are covering two separate topics and none of it is related at all.

This week Lauren is going to be teaching us about some of the most horrific, disgusting, strange and in one case- lucky- storage unit discoveries!  And we also give tips on how to do better at crimes - so if you're a blossoming criminal make sure you tune in for that.

Ashley is going over some misconceptions she's been seeing a lot of in the paranormal/true crime/spirituality community as she teaches us the TRUE meaning of "karma" and debunks a very famous modern urban legend that's sure to leave a few listeners kicking rocks in disappointment on their way home.

Jul 2, 2021

Have you seen these men, weirdos?

Welcome to PART TWO of our series on MISSING PEOPLE!! Last week we told you some stories that maybe made you give the local lake a side eye...  This week we're keeping you out of the mountains!

Lauren is covering the story of a Chicago man who moved to Colorado during a mid-life crisis and opening an antique store whose previous owner went missing... just to go missing himself... 

And Ashley is covering the tragic story of the Yuba County Five, a group of men with a range of developmental disabilities who seemingly took a wrong turn in 1978 that ended in their demise.  Or did they?

Obviously this is one of our darker episodes so it needs to be said again-- WARNING: This episode contains foul language, and disturbing topics including murder, suicide, starvation, as well as mental disorders and developmental disabilities.


This episode features a PROMO for the podcast MOVIES THAT MADE US GAY-- one of our favorites of all time.  

Jun 25, 2021

If you see something, say something, Weirdos!

This week we are talking about people that have disappeared without a trace.  Each year hundreds of thousands of people go missing in the United States alone.  Luckily a majority of those cases are solved.  Unfortunately, the solving of a case doesn't automatically mean that there is a happy ending.

But what about the cases that aren't solved?  Are they living their life somewhere with a different name?  Are they being held captive?  Are they in another dimension?  Or should we be looking for remains?

This week Ashley is talking about a mass disappearance that took place in 2014.  The day we lost an entire plane.  Malaysia Flight 370 left us with way more questions than answers and we're going to be discussing what happened that day and what could have happened to those people.

Lauren is discussing a case that came out of Illinois in the 1960's where three young women never came home from a beach day.  Last seen boarding a strange boat on Lake Michigan-- could these women have left everything behind and started a new life?  Or are they still in the lake today? Will we ever know what happened to them?

Once again the lesson we want you to walk away with... just stay away from the dang water.

Jun 18, 2021

It's party time, weirdos.

This week we're attending an intergalactic rave! A trans-dimensional Burning Man!  An otherworldly Studio 54!  And you don't even have to leave your home planet.

This week Ashley and Lauren are joined once again by the beautiful, hilarious and STRANGE Caitlin Dee from Goth Yearbook After Hours as we continue our chat on close encounters of the fifth kind (intentional contact.) 

The girls ask the question why would they be coming HERE? Of all places?  What do they want with us?  Do they even care about us? If they WERE to communicate with us, what would they have to say?  What the heck are extraterrestrials anyway?

Tune in a some mind-bending chat about our purpose here on Earth, no matter what your beliefs, and how there may just be the greatest discothéque the universe has ever known right under our feet.

Jun 11, 2021

We come in peace, weirdos!

Welcome to a brand new episode about a tried and true topic!  We are discussing ALIENS once again!  But this time we're not looking in space, we're not looking under the sea, we're not even looking at Area 51 or on Mars.  This time we're looking inside OURSELVES.

This week we are joined by musician and host of the podcast Goth Yearbook Afterhours - CAITLIN DEE!! 

Caitlin starts us off by telling us about a close encounter she had when she was a child and an experience she had as an adult that revamped her interests in ET.

Ashley teaches us the Close Encounter classifications and where they came from and how they are used!

And Lauren teaches us about the different species of extraterrestrial that supposedly exist in our universe- The Greys, the Nordics, reptilians and more!

Stay tuned for the very end of the episode to catch a preview of Catilin's song "Trouble" and listen to her albums on Spotify! You can follow her on instagram @caitlindeeeee and @gothyearbook



Jun 3, 2021

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Check it Out Weirdos!

Welcome to the hottest show in town - it's another episode of DJ JAZZY JOE THE SCIENCE BRO!! We get to sit down with the sickest Science DJ the world has ever seen and tell you all the most fascinating news coming out of the scientific world.

This episode has biology, sociology, ecology, yes even PSYCHE-ology - all of the dopest ologies with no apologies.

Handsome Joe is teaching us about some crazy predator/prey reversals happening in the deep blue sea, some very cool new studies on how LSD effects the brain and can help with anxiety disorders and depression, and OF COURSE he has a LOT to say about the recent UFO disclosures.

Your producer and host Ashley aka Mix Master Cass is coming at you with some real dicey information coming out of the infamous radiation hot spot of the world- Chernobyl, as well as some fascinating new dream studies and some concerns she has about what NASA just launched into space like it was no big whoop.

The promo featured in this episode is the insanely talented POLTERGEIST OD so don't be wiggidy-wiggidy-whack and check out his work! 


May 21, 2021

Whats your deepest, darkest desire?

This week Ashley and Lauren are finishing out the SEX SERIES with an episode on FETISHES & KINKS!! Fetishes and kinks are totally natural and normal and actually can lead to extremely healthy sexual relationships.  Yes, even the STRANGEST ones.

Lauren is going to be teaching us about some of the lesser known fetishes we've never heard of and the girls try and guess where a fetish like it could have originated in a person's development before she takes us down a darker path and talks about some dangerous and even deadly fetishes.  

Ashley dives into the psychology of fetishes and discusses why so many people equate deviant behavior with having less-than-vanilla sexual fantasies even though that's statistically and pathologically NOT accurate before she discusses when a fetish crosses a line and becomes a precursor to vicious behavior.  We finish up with the case of Gilberto Valle (AKA the CANNIBAL COP) and our thoughts on Armie Hammer's secret sex life.


WARNING: This episode is NSFW. It contains foul language, discussions of a sexual nature, and mention of bondage, rape, torture, accidental death, murder and cannibalism. 


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